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Video speaks a universal language and can capture your audience’s attention like no other format. Need to hire new employees? Build your brand? Offer your products? Give tips? Raise awareness? No problem. Our video team residing in Slovakia is ready to use their skills to bring you the result you deserve.


Our own virtual studio in Slovakia

No more looking for the right place to shoot your video. We have a studio on our premises. Not only is it ideal for shooting spots, it serves as a great place for online/hybrid conferences, talk shows, or even recording podcasts.


Complete production from start to finish

Script, pre-production, lighting, shooting, editing, keying, sound editing – all of this is an everyday part of our work and we are ready to take on anything you need. We keep up with the latest trends and know what you need to capture your audience’s attention with a dynamic video that catches their eye. Moreover, we are highly skilled in 3D motion graphic design, so if you prefer an animated video, we’re prepared.


Amaze your audience thanks to our video team and the studio in Slovakia.

Who have we helped?

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Mário Puzder

Video Lead

A video can tell much in a short time. Its growing popularity in the online world means that nobody should underestimate its importance and be afraid to use it to communicate with their customers.