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Graphic design

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First impressions matter – especially in marketing. With great graphic design, you can let your brand be distinguishable not because of plenty of words and not even because of its logo, but because of the visuals you use in your online and offline communication. How to pick the right graphic design for your business? Our team from Slovakia is ready to help.


Graphic design should reflect what your brand means

Which colours are the right ones for your type of business? Should you choose vibrant ones or more subtle ones? And what about the fonts? Oh, and do you have a recognisable logo? All these questions come to mind when thinking of brand-defining visuals. Luckily, our team of graphic designers in Slovakia know the whole science behind creating memorable and distinctive visuals and are always excited to come up with ones that take your breath away.


Slovak graphic designers with world-class knowledge

The graphic designers in our company follow the latest trends and rules to ensure that not only does your brand look well, but that it also adheres to the requirements of various social and printed media. This way, you can be sure that the visuals we deliver fit right into the policies of any media carriers you wish to use.


Put your brand’s identity and visual communication into the hands of our graphic designers and get ready to be swept away.

Who have we helped?

  • Únia nevidiacich a slabozrakych Slovenska logo
  • Visit košice logo
  • TUKE logo
  • Univerzitná nemocnica L. Pasteura Košice logo
  • Unique people logo
  • Sono Clinic logo
  • Deutsche telekom logo
  • TreeGuard logo
  • Steam Factory logo
  • Risskov logo
  • Payout logo
  • Manuvia logo
  • Lopušná dolina logo
  • Antónia Mačingová logo
  • Carmeuse logo
  • Michatek logo
  • Villa Betula logo
  • GlobalLogic logo
  • Banik a syn s.r.o. logo
  • Cortec logo
  • OK spoj logo
  • Liptovský Dvor logo
  • Klimavex logo
  • DS Smith logo
  • iWatt logo
  • JP Auto logo
  • Chemosvit logo
  • Košice IT Valley logo
  • Z košíc do sveta logo
  • HC Košice logo
  • Košice International Airport logo
  • BASF logo
  • VSE logo
  • Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika logo
  • Dôvera Zdravotná Poisťovňa logo
  • Deutsche Telekom logo
  • Zelená stavba logo
  • Štátne divadlo Košice logo
  • Ford SZILCAR logo
  • Fpt Slovakia logo
  • Malý Gazda logo
  • Diebold Nixdorf logo
  • Estilofina logo
  • ESET logo
  • ELCOM logo
  • Dermaklinik logo
  • ECO Technologies s.r.o. logo
  • Bikere logo
  • Košice logo
  • Lorinčík Háje logo
  • 4F logo
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Tomáš Klobušník

Senior Graphic Designer

You don’t have to worry about graphic design. However, if you have photos or a logo manual at your disposal, our graphic department will be eternally grateful.