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Public Relations

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A favourable perception of your brand can be miraculous. Literally. In today’s world, when there is so much negativity and hate coming from all sides, it is crucial to keep a good image and work on keeping it. We’re here to help you.


Maintain your brand’s image with our Slovak team

Keeping up with your audience’s requirements, staying in touch with them and navigating the often uncertain world of news and social media can be daunting. With extensive knowledge of audiences’ behaviours, we can adapt your PR to show it in the best light.


We can handle any type of PR

There are various types of public relations, and each of them requires a different approach. Our PR team in Slovakia has wide experience with each of them – including community, production or media public relations.


Get ready to impress your target audience with great PR from experts from Slovakia.

Who have we helped?

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Marika Duffeková

Senior Copywriter

PR is a strong player not only in the offline but in the online world, as well. That’s why it is crucial for building a brand, staying in touch with faithful customers and getting new ones.