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Web analytics studies influence of web sites on their visitors. The service includes measurement tools, data collection and analysis tools, and various evaluation tools.

Nowadays, web analytics is used by many web pages, mainly those related to commerce and commercialism. These services are used in order:

  • to find out the number of web visitors,
  • how many of those visitors were unique,
  • the way they reached a web page (a reference from a foreign site, directly from a search engine, ...),
  • key words used for searching,
  • duration of their stay,
  • links which are clicked on when visitors leave a web site.

Web analytics is also used to monitor functionality of subpages. On the basis of data provided, web developers may find out which of their sites are popular and which are not. These data may be used to make content of web pages more effective so that visitors will visit sites again.

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Web analytics with Promiseo

Google Analytics, a service used by Promiseo, is one of the best - known web analytics services.If you order web analytics services provided by Promiseo, you may choose from various analysis tools:

  • real - time overviews
  • your own overviews
  • creation and analysis of own segments
  • information panels: arrangement, monitoring, sharing of key identificators of efficiency
  • visualizations of ways made by visitors at your website
  • API interface - adjust your data to your needs

We also provide analysis of what is happening at your web sites by the means of which you may optimize their content:

  • Site Search: find out what your visitor really search for
  • page analysis: the way visitors move at your website
  • web speed analysis
  • events monitoring: find out what visitors do at your web site

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