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TikToks from the world of the visually impaired

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Client Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union


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How to show the life of the blind and partially sighted to the largest audience possible? Especially to the ones that are used to videos and don’t like reading long texts? This was the challenge we were facing while preparing the campaign for the White Pastel collection. We wanted to present it to the younger generation – the one that is composed of volunteers collecting donations, however, in a few years, will be able to donate to the White Pastel themselves.

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TikTok. Even though many people consider this social medium to be a home of funny videos, we chose to use it for education. We asked the clients of the Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union questions that people posted on social media. The visually impaired either answered them or demonstrated the answers. Thanks to this, we helped generations Z and Alpha to take a look inside the lives of the blind and partially sighted. We showed them that in spite of their disability they can live a fulfilling life and that many of the aids they use daily are thanks to the donors of the White Pastel.


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