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Don’t give a hating hand

#social responsibility #online #podcasts #video campaign
Client Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions



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The online world is getting more and more filled with hate. How to easily tell people not to hurt others with their comments?

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The well-known phrase “give a helping hand” was changed into “don’t give a hating hand”. After all, it is the hand that writes hateful comments. A new visual symbol was created and used across the whole campaign.

In the 1st phase, we showed that anybody could be a hater – from an innocent granny to a young teenager. We prepared 2 special podcasts with a civil activist Juraj Rizman, and director and screenwriter Juraj Drobný. Consequently, we had to deal with hateful comments ourselves.

The 2nd phase of the campaign brought an insight about how hate affects emotions, as well as tips on how to cope with it. We created a special landing page with statistics and instructions on how to fight hateful comments.

The 3rd phase brought a chance to change hate into something positive – for each hateful comment, our client DTIT gave 1 € to the Open society foundation and the Dobre initiative.


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500 000

people reached

1 379 782



better CTR of
the Juraj Rizman podcast
compared to the benchmark
across other segments


donated to Open society
foundation and
the Dobre initiative

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