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PR means Public Relations or Press Release. Since these two services are strongly connected, we provide both of them. Every company needs to be presented to the public. Every new product which aims to be sold needs good marketing. Your clients read newspapers, watch television or read various online blogs every day. These kinds of media may be used by your company to present yourself. Article discussions held on social networks and different editions of the same article published on various media websites are also beneficial.


Is it worth it to cooperate in the field of PR?

It is demanding to write a PR article of high quality. It is also very difficult to write a PR article which helps SEO with linkbaiting and social marketing. The process of distributing articles and ensuring their adoption by online blogs or media is also difficult and requires contacts. PR services of high quality also include monitoring. We cooperate with other companies in order to increase quality and our influence. Contact Promiseo non-bindingly and find out what we can help you with.

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