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Advertising on the Google and Facebook

PPC campaigns

Pay Per Click marketing or simply advertising model in which advertisers pay when the ad is clicked is one of the most important online marketing tools. You do not pay for your ad, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad and is redirected to you website or product promoted.

AdWords and Etarget are the most important PPC systems used in Slovakia. Sklik is a service provided by seznam.cz, frequently used in Czech Republic. Owing to expansion of social networks, Facebook and its offer of PPC ads have become powerful PPC marketing tools recently. PPC systems are also provided by the other two largest search engines, Yahoo and Microsoft, and many others.

Advantages of PPC advertising:

  • Precise targeting - advertisement will be shown only a certain target group, city, region...
  • The planning - display ads at some time during the day when they are most likely successful campaign.
  • Measurement - kampane majú množstvo štatistík, podľa ktorých sa vyhodnocuje úspešnosť. Najčastejšie sú to konverzie alebo zvýšenie návštevnosti (podľa požiadaviek klienta).

Advertising media:

google etarget facebook

What does PPC marketing mean?

Proper PPC campaign:

  • finds suitable key words, creates snippets,
  • proposes budget, analyses price rates for each click and conversions by individual words,
  • specifies ROI of individual campaigns and words - on the basis of data provided, these words are then deleted, edited or kept at the same place,
  • aims to optimize conversion rate,
  • find proper landing page.

In the past, Promiseo worked on PPC campaigns with external agencies. We have become a skilled team of certificated professionals. The high number of our satisfied customers confirms that Promiseo provides a high-quality service of analysis and processing of client´s demands, processing and evaluating of conversions and efficiency monitoring.

fungovanie PPC kampani

The difference between SEO and PPC advertising:

When advertising is the most extensively AdWords and PPC ads appear at the beginning of each search associated with that keyword. However, you pay for each click. After making the adjustments needed for SEO seeing a high, but thanks to a stable position as clicks for free.

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