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Do you think that conversion rate of your website is too low despite its content of high quality? Would you like to know which of your campaigns is the most effective and which one needs to be completely changed?

A/B testing will help you get these answers. A/B testing divides your campaign or website into two versions. Versions A and B are then displayed to users. This technique makes it possible to find out which marketing campaign or website is more successful.

A/B testing allows you to complexly test campaigns or websites in order to optimize their efficiency. Efficiency is the key feature of online marketing for reasonable price!

A/B testovanie A/B testing

How does it work?

A/B testing may be applied on your website as well as on your campaign which promotes the given website. In order to create successful campaign:

  1. It is important to create two versions of a marketing campaign.
  2. These two versions are then displayed to the sample of persons.
  3. The most suitable time period of testing has to be determined.
  4. Marketing campaign with the better results in a given time is evaluated and generally applied.
  5. Afterwards, it is possible to apply a method again in order to evaluate new versions. It is also possible to compare new versions with the successful version of the previous testing.

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